About Patricia

Heal Your Life personal transformation coaching and workshops, based on teachings of Louise Hay.

Pat Bakewell is a licensed teacher and certified Heal Your Life® coach, running workshops and seminars based on the principles of Louise L. Hay. Professionally qualified, with over 25 years’ career guidance and personal development experience, she works with people of all ages - including teens. Pat offers support both via one-to-one and in groups, and specialises in helping others to raise their aspirations by learning to think more positively about themselves and to move forward more confidently, into the future. Pat also works corporately with Leaders and managers – inspiring them to be more inspiring. She is also a newly appointed director of Make Space In Life - based in Liverpool and is a volunteer Enterprise Adviser to schools/colleges in Liverpool City Region. Pat is also a practising Shiva yoga teacher.


Pat is professionally qualified and uses a broad range of guidance skills and interventions including NLP. She also specialises in running workshops and one to one professional coaching sessions based on the teachings of Louise Hay's 'Heal Your Life' personal development philosophy and also 'Managing with Heart and Mind' for use in business and leadership environment. She supports leaders to be inspired and inspiring! Patricia's workshops offer people a wonderful opportunity to work together to release past issues and move forward to a fulfilling future. A one to one coaching session with Patricia can help you gain insight into where you are now to where you want to be.

Patricia's personality exudes a friendly and professional manner. Her positive outlook and energy inspires others to achieve.

Her own inspiring life story so far, was previously published in 'Womans Own' magazine, a few years ago!

Why not let Patricia re-write yours ? “Today is a new day.....”

What Can I Do For You?

My approach is not to fix your problems for you, but to offer you the necessary support and tools to fix it yourself. This is the only way to a long-term solution. Also, not all issues need to be fixed; sometimes you just need to work around them or learn to accept them. If you tell me your story, I will offer you the support and guidance you need.
Does your story contain any of the following in your career or in your personal life? If so, then let us create a “happily-ever-after” ending.


Being pessimistic


Coping with illness


Emotional immaturity


Feeling inadequate


Feeling insecure


Feeling limited


Feeling lost


Feeling trapped


Feeling unappreciated


Feeling unauthentic


Feeling unfulfilled


Inability to reach goals


Lack of motivation


Lack of respect


No inner peace or harmony


No inspiration


No passion


No purpose or meaning


No sense of serenity


Not content with life


Not enjoying life


Not making a difference


Not prospering financially


Poor relationships


Poor self-esteem


Tired of pleasing others


Too much pressure


Unhappy or depressed






Louise Hay

Patricia follows the teachings of Louise Hay, who is a world-renowned life coach and author who has been helping people since the 1970s with more than 30 self-help books under her belt. She is also the founder and CEO of the Hay House publishing firm as well as her own charity organisation, the Hay Foundation. Her positive philosophy and healing through thinking techniques have inspired many to follow in her footsteps and continue her teachings; one of which is Patricia Bakewell.

I have learned that you can create easily and effortlessly when you let your thoughts come from the loving space of your heart. This is one of the reasons I wrote the book Heart Thoughts a few years ago. It gives guidance for all aspects of your day-to-day experience as well as assists you in particular areas where you may be having difficulty.

I know that old, negative patterns no longer limit me. I let them go with ease. Louise Hay

It’s Only a Thought and a Thought Can Be Changed

How many times have you refused to think a positive thought about yourself? Well, you can refuse to think negative thoughts about yourself, too. People say, “I can’t stop thinking a thought.” Yes, you can!

You have to make up your mind that it’s what you’re going to do. You don’t have to fight your thoughts when you want to change things. When that negative voice comes up, you can say, “Thank you for sharing, and I’m choosing to do something else. I don’t want to buy into that anymore, I want to create another way of thinking.”

Don’t fight your thoughts. Acknowledge them and go beyond them.

You always have a choice and by paying attention to your thoughts, you can begin to shift the ones you no longer wish to carry with new ones through positive affirmations.

Let’s do some affirmations right now to help go beyond our negative thoughts:

I have the power to change and to grow.
I release negative thoughts with ease.
I create new ways of thinking which support and nourish me.



I can thoroughly recommend Patricia Bakewell’s workshops; they are presented in a professional, and inclusive manner.

Patricia’s bubbly personality is infectious; her concepts are at once uplifting and inspiring. Patricia’s presentations are, most certainly, a Cosmic Menu of insight, information, inspiration and are ‘served’ with a great big spoonful of unconditional love ----- long may her ‘Kitchen’ reign!!!...


Nuala .J. Sikorski

Spiritual Counsellor, & Metaphysician, Ireland..


Having worked one to one with Pat previously, I was extremely eager to get to one of her workshops!


I would highly recommend Pat's workshops to anybody looking to make improvements to their lives, looking for motivation or just a lovely 1/2 day out! Pat's workshop was excellent, packed with worthwhile information and practical exercises ideal for instant application and immediate self-improvement.


The thought-provoking topics and Pat’s friendly, approachable manner and fun stories, leave you feeling inspired and empowered, humble and grateful. The information and skills acquired with Pat will greatly help me achieve all goals I have now set for myself.


Thank you Pat for an amazing workshop - so lovely to spend time with such a wonderful group of like- minded people. A really useful session to help me put Louise Hay's theory into practice - thank you.


2016 has been an absolute beast. The business has exploded, been nominated for loads of awards, and published several times. We got to see Vegas, Honolulu, drove around Maui for a week in a mustang and watched the sun rise above the clouds from 10,000ft up a volcano.


We renewed our wedding vows on Kapalua beach and didn't invite anyone again. Instead of heading back home we ended up in New York by accident. I've become part of an amazing yoga family and met some truly inspirational people, all of whom have helped lay the foundations for the epic year ahead: new shop getting built, new business being formed/filming in Autumn, I'm presenting at the New York Cake Show and training at Le Cordon Bleu and Ritz Paris to brush up on my skills.


None of this would be happening without the massive bubble of positivity many of you absolute legends have created around me and I'm so grateful for everyone who has supported me and my work in 2016. I hope that EVERY damn person here has the most incredible, positive, beautiful year, filled with good luck and great opportunities. Dream big in 2017

Pat Bakewell’s Affirmations workshop 4th June 2016:


"I attended Pat's affirmation workshop with a view to improving and expanding my business. From a personal, business and financial standpoint, I really cannot recommend it enough.


After following Pat's guidance in harnessing the power of positive affirmations, my business has improved dramatically. My income has increased substantially over a very short period of time, and I have found myself presented with opportunities that I would not have imagined would come my way.


I appreciate that this sounds too good to be true, and there are still days when I feel like it is, but it really is a case of changing mindsets, and this workshop is what enabled me to do that. Cannot recommend this enough to anyone looking to improve their business and change their life".


Pat Bakewell’s Heal your life workshop 23rd July:


"I attended "Heal Your Life" after experiencing tremendous success following Pat's Affirmations workshop. I had struggled to shake off the negativity of others, and felt I needed help clearing this in order to unlock even higher levels of happiness, health, and abundance.


This course has given me the skills to break down any criticism or negativity, see it from the other person's perspective, and treat every life event as a positive lesson.


This course has enabled me to slow down and engage in rational, compassionate thinking in times of stress. This is an excellent course for anyone wanting to let go of past negativity and gain the skills required to prevent it happening to you in future".

" I've come away from the 'Best Life' workshop floating on air and full of joy in myself. Through Pat's teaching, myself and the group were guided through our own new thinking habits and positive Affirmations, so I now have something to practise on a daily basis. We did some lovely yoga and learned about the unity or connection between mind and body. I thoroughly enjoyed this time out for myself and I'm so glad I went."


- GH