Self Care by the Sea: An Irish Mini Break Retreat

Spanish Point House, Wild Atlantic Way, County Clare, Ireland
Thursday 12 March to Saturday 15 March 2020
Self Love and The Beauty of Wisdom Beside the Sea

Deposit £100 ; Single Occupancy Double Room - £550
2 people sharing £420.00


Sunday 14th July 2019 - SELF CARE CHILL OUT SUNDAY

a day retreat with Patricia Bakewell.
Please join me for a totally restorative day, at the stunning multi award winning 'Chil Out Spa'
on Lord Derby's Estate, Knowsley, near Liverpool. Date: Sunday 14th July 2019 Time: 10:00 to 16:00
Please take some time to really listen to your life and discover the beauty of wisdom, yours and mine, from the Inside Out.
I am a trained, qualified and highly experienced coach and guidance teacher of over 20 years and also a Louise Hay workshop leader and facilitator, working both here and in Ireland.
I’ll create a beautiful space for you to truly relax and unwind with my Love Yourself First workshop, Guided meditations, Powerful Affirmations, Mirror Work, and some calming breathing techniques and other tools.
All designed to have you flowing better with life and to enable your inner and outer radiance to be further revealed...
COST is £60 per person, and includes a light lunch, refreshments, materials and even perhaps a few goodies from Thalgo luxury skin care !!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
What’s not to ❤️ ?
. Gift yourself this special day with like-minded ladies - prioritising your own essential, Self Care needs....
AFFIRM now : “ The more I love and appreciate myself, the more love I have to give to others.”
Book now by messaging me here OR email
NOTE : £10 booking fee in advance is required to secure your place ... Full payment in advance preferred
Payment can be made to my Paypal or via bank transfer...
Simply msg/email me for details ASAP.
Places are limited.
Gotta F L Y - First Love Yourself 😊


Dear Friend

Do you feel that you deserve better in life but don’t quite know what exactly you want and how to get it? Do you feel you are worth less than more successful people? Does it feel that you are living only half a life? How about unmotivated, insecure, unfulfilled, lost, inadequate, or any other feeling that makes you wonder if this is all there is to life? Maybe all you want is to accept yourself for who you already are?

Every person and their specific needs are unique, and I will never use a predetermined course to self-improvement during our coaching sessions. Some people just want to be happy with who they are, while others want a total change. Together we will figure out where you want to be and how we can get there. If you will let me help you to help yourself, please contact me and we can start on a new journey of self-discovery and improvement.

Yours truly

Together we will figure out where you want to be and how we can get there. Patricia Bakewell



"April 2019 Retreat - Spanish Point"


Hi Patricia. I just wanted to say "Thank you" for a fabulous "Self Love beside the Sea" weekend in Spanish Point.


It was truly enjoyable and a pleasure to meet people from previous retreats and workshops. I always come away from this retreat, my third one, feeling renewed and invigorated.


I thank you for your wonderful empathy with people, your generosity of spirit, time and energy and your amazing ability to put people in touch with themselves.


I absolutely recommend this retreat, or indeed, any of Patricia's workshops wholeheartedly and am already looking forward to the next one.


...MM ❤️

"April 2019 Retreat - Spanish Point"


Dear Pat, I just wanted to say a proper “thank you” for yet another great retreat...For me it really helps me to re focus and re set intentions - gets me on the right thinking/thought path again.


From the luxury guest house, your transformative workshops, guided meditations, welcome gifts, to great company and the very lovely Irish locals - your retreat was a “ real TREAT” !


😇 S M.

"April 2019 Retreat - Spanish Point"


Hi, I’ve just returned from the Self Care retreat with the FABULOUS Pat !


I have been well and truly welcomed and looked after...


Pat thought of every detail to make the trip SO special and memorable.


I have enjoyed a variety of very helpful workshops and sessions and I have brought home a new outlook...


Pat created a beautiful space for me to take some time for ME to really think, reflect, re-assess and refresh.


It may have been wet and windy at times but that didn’t stop it from being a truly WONDERFUL weekend.


I came home all FIRED UP - so much so, that I jumped straight into setting up teaching a new yoga class and have a load of new people signed up!


Thanks too, to everyone at Spanish Point House.


SC 🙏

Here's one of the FAB reviews from this years retreat below:

May 2018

Dear Pat


I am including a review from our weekend retreat. It was SUCH an amazing time!

"I recently attended a retreat that evolved into one of the best weekends of my life, and Patricia Bakewell is the one who created and facilitated this beautiful experience.

From the care she took to arrange transportation from Shannon Airport to our retreat location, to the beautiful and luxurious accommodations she arranged for us at Spanish Point House, to the heartfelt encounters and excursions she planned to make it a meaningful retreat, not one detail was overlooked to make this a memorable experience for spiritual and emotional growth for all 12 of us.


The views of the ocean from the hotel were breathtaking, and it was a quick walk to the beach itself. Spanish Point House provided lovely rooms with great views. Everything from the cozy lounges where we met as a group, to the beds that felt like sleeping on clouds, to the delicious hot breakfast in the elegant dining room, to the warmth and charm of all of their staff...everything combined to make us feel very much at home.<\p>


During those times we met in the lounges as a group, Patricia's warmth and humour, and her experience in coaching and guided meditation, led our group into very open and meaningul conversations. The readings and meditations she chose helped to draw us out of ourselves and to reflect deeply.


The excursions Patricia planned for us were physically beautiful, the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren, but they also each possessed qualities that moved our spirits, as well as our appreciation of their beauty. At the Burren, she arranged a guide who was familiar with a holy place in the heart of it, and the poetry he quoted and recited with feeling moved most of us to tears.


As you can see, I could go on at length,, but the main point of this review is that Patricia Bakewell is a life coach and spiritual guide who is modelling living her best life, who is gifted at sharing her insights, and who coordinates amazing retreats that give you guidance, along with plenty of time alone and with others to reflect on your own life. Any time I can ross the ocean and attend one of Patricia's retreats, I will do it!"


Evelyn Pape, Semi-Retired Special Education Teacher

Chicago, USA

I can throughly recommend Patricia Bakewell's workshops; they are presented in a professional, and inclusive manner.

Patricia's bubbly personality is infectious; her concepts are at once uplifting and inspiring. Patricia's presentations are, most certainly, a Cosmi Menu of insight, information, inspiration and are 'served' with a great big spoonful of unconditional love ---- log may her 'Kitchen' reign!!!...



Spiritual Counsellor & Metaphysician, Ireland..

Debbie Donnelly-Addison January 2019


"I started my career-accelerating journey with Pat a couple of years ago after attending one of her workshops at Maghull Health Studios. Whilst I had an idea of how the law of attraction worked, I had no experience of putting it into practice. I already had a successful business, Vanilla Nova Cake Boutique, and knew I wanted to take it to the next level, but I wasn't sure how to initiate the shift in mindset to make it happen.


I saw an immediate change after the first workshop: business began to improve even further, and I began to attract what I wanted into my life by using affirmations and a new, improved mindset. Spurred on by this, I attended two more of Pat's workshops before switching to one to one sessions, which have turned out to be the best investment I've ever made in both my business and myself. During this process, in trusting the universe, God, the energy, whatever you wish to call it, I discovered that the reason my business probably wasn't accelerating at the speed I wanted it to was the "want" for it to happen wasn't there. Pat helped me realise that, if I'm not putting out the energy for what I want, then I'm not going to attract it. The universe isn't going to bring something to me if I doubt its existence or feel I don't deserve it. I worked with Pat on a one to one basis and discovered that what I really wanted to do, to write. Once I put that possibility out into the universe, ideas started to develop and opportunities started to present themselves to me. I gave it/myself a name: "The Boho Baker", and together we created a plan and affirmations to bring this new concept into reality.


What happened next was beyond belief: within a month, I arranged a meeting with Booths supermarkets and started writing recipes for them every week. A couple of months later, I became the food columnist for Lancashire Life magazine. A month after that, I was scouted by an agent, leading to work for Asda, Aldi, Channel Four, and many other big clients. Booths asked me to help with their Christmas book, which culminated in me designing the cover, writing recipes and food styling the content, and embarking on the 28 date gingerbread tour. The image I produced for the cover was used on everything from store banners to the sides of the lorries. This project brought me to the attention of a bigger agent in London, who I signed with just before Christmas. I am now working on my book, which will be out later this year. All this has happened over the last 18 months alone.


Whilst all this has been going on, my shop, which was the reason I went to see Pat in the first place, has continued to go from strength to strength. This is because I stopped focusing my energy on pushing it in the wrong direction, changed my affirmations and mindset, and let the universe do its thing. By taking a step back and focusing on what I want rather than what I don't want, the shop has continued to thrive whilst giving me the freedom to work on my other projects. Positive thought, a commitment to staying open to new ideas, and acting with kindness and consideration have done more for my business than any thing else I have ever tried in the 8 years it has been open.


It doesn't matter if you have or haven't tried this before, just keep an open mind and an open heart. A few months from now you can be in a completely different space, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Just keep working and believing in yourself. And if you get lost along the way, just go and see Pat and she'll guide you back to the point where you can find the right path for you. "


Thank you Pat for an amazing workshop - so lovely to spend time with such a wonderful group of like- minded people. A really useful session to help me put Louise Hay's theory into practice - thank you.


Having worked one to one with Pat previously, I was extremely eager to get to one of her workshops!


I would highly recommend Pat's workshops to anybody looking to make improvements to their lives, looking for motivation or just a lovely 1/2 day out! Pat's workshop was excellent, packed with worthwhile information and practical exercises ideal for instant application and immediate self-improvement.


The thought-provoking topics and Pat’s friendly, approachable manner and fun stories, leave you feeling inspired and empowered, humble and grateful. The information and skills acquired with Pat will greatly help me achieve all goals I have now set for myself.


Pat Bakewell’s Heal your life workshop 23rd July:


"I attended "Heal Your Life" after experiencing tremendous success following Pat's Affirmations workshop. I had struggled to shake off the negativity of others, and felt I needed help clearing this in order to unlock even higher levels of happiness, health, and abundance.


This course has given me the skills to break down any criticism or negativity, see it from the other person's perspective, and treat every life event as a positive lesson.


This course has enabled me to slow down and engage in rational, compassionate thinking in times of stress. This is an excellent course for anyone wanting to let go of past negativity and gain the skills required to prevent it happening to you in future".

Pat Bakewell’s Affirmations workshop 4th June 2016:


"I attended Pat's affirmation workshop with a view to improving and expanding my business. From a personal, business and financial standpoint, I really cannot recommend it enough.


After following Pat's guidance in harnessing the power of positive affirmations, my business has improved dramatically. My income has increased substantially over a very short period of time, and I have found myself presented with opportunities that I would not have imagined would come my way.


I appreciate that this sounds too good to be true, and there are still days when I feel like it is, but it really is a case of changing mindsets, and this workshop is what enabled me to do that. Cannot recommend this enough to anyone looking to improve their business and change their life".


" I've come away from the 'Best Life' workshop floating on air and full of joy in myself. Through Pat's teaching, myself and the group were guided through our own new thinking habits and positive Affirmations, so I now have something to practise on a daily basis. We did some lovely yoga and learned about the unity or connection between mind and body. I thoroughly enjoyed this time out for myself and I'm so glad I went."


- GH

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